Missing current value for "Ic1" VN820PT-E component

Hello ,

I’am Amadou wade a new member and passionate electonics. I would like to simulate
VN820PT -E by the software KicadToLTspice. After simulate I have this error.


Error on line 6 : ic1 net-c1-pad1 vcc nc_01 nc_02 0 pulse(0 6 1u 1u 1u 2m 4m)
Unknown parameter “nc_01”
Fatal Error: Missing current value for “Ic1”

Can help me to resolve this problem.
The goal is to get model LTspice VN820PT -E for STmicroelectronics.
We haven’t add a file Kicad , I don’t know how to parameters value for “Ic1”.for this VN820PT-E.

Thanks you for your help.

You have posted this question already in several other forums. So here my answer, again with negative outcome:

There is no spice model for VN820PT-E available in the internet or on the STMicro web site.

You need a spice model to simulate the circuit.

Therefore you cannot simulate this circuit.

You cannot create such a model yourself, because it is about the internal circuit of the IC.

You have to ask the semiconductor company STMicro to provide such a model for you.

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Merci bien de votre retour par contre je peux simuler sur KIcad ce composant vue que j’ai son modèle mais j’arrive pas. Pouvez-vous m’aider svp.

J’ai les modèles de Kicad mais les nouveaux utilisateurs ne peuvent pas joindre des fichiers. Comment je peux faire pour les parvenir.

Merci bien,

Amadou WADE

Please have a look at http://ngspice.sourceforge.net/ngspice-eeschema.html#OpAmp, where you will find the steps to initiate a simulation with a spice model file.

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Merci bien holger pour votre retour , je vais le regarder

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