Missing 3D Models, redux

I need to confirm if what I am seeing is because of issue 1 or issue 2. I have described them as preface to the issue, and to insure my own understanding is correct.

  1. I understand from prior topics there was a big in the Script that merged Old and new files. So that was a thing but was fixed yes? Presumably an update would have resolved this, or even manually updating the directory? So that all files are installed. My directories contain hundreds of files named sensor that do not exist in the current KiCAD6 directories, so must be some kind of script driven install.

  2. Then there is an issue, that many files are not yet created but a placeholder is already applied so when they are created, they will just pop up like magic. Right? Most of the files are reported as being generated by an automated function. So if true then most foot prints should have a 3D model of some limited capacity, Right?

Ok, so with those two out of the way. I need to confirm if what I am seeing is because of issue 1 or issue 2.

When checking my 3D most footprints other than common capacitors and resistors do not have models. They are listed, and the directories are populated. But the model is not there, even after a manual install.


Searching for the model on google. Verbatim as it is listed in KiCAD. Google points me to the repository I just installed. It tells me the file is there, but upon inspection it is not.

In some cases there is even a Wiki for the file, yet it does not exist.

So is this another bug not yet documented or just a case of the file hasn’t been created yet. If the file wasn’t created, why does it have its own Wiki Page?!

I am perfectly happy to create my own models. But if they already exist… Where are they?

EDIT: falsely assumed that some one broke or changed the naming conventions. SOP and SOIC are nearly identical and use the same footprints. Though the SOIC package seems almost 2x the size. So they most certainly cannot be the same.

So the plot thickens, slightly. Are these simply files that have never been created? Should I start uploading hand made 3D files to supplement the missing?

Just to verify, uninstalled KiCAD6.0.10. Verified default folders erased.
Custom folders picked back up. (Managed Shared location)
Now purging of the files labeled sensor since they do seem to be all duplicates that do not exist natively.

Just observed that the 3D models were last updated no less than a year ago, right about when 6.0 was new. So it seems that either no one wants to make models and foot prints or the process for approval has become so cumbersome and arduous that most have given up trying.

Guess I can start a GIT repository for the ones I have had to make. Working on building up some repositories in Fusion360. My models, aren’t monochrome. Sorry, models are STEP only. Autodesk does not export this format. And I do not use that nightmare inducing program, FreeCAD.

A few things:

  1. unless you’re really doing something special and you know what you’re doing, you should not have to install the libraries yourself. Use the libraries that come with the installer (Windows/macOS) or the libraries that are packaged for your linux distribution.
  2. You’re correct, many 3D model files do not exist. All footprints in the official libraries will point to a footprint file, whether or not that 3D model file has been created yet.
  3. KiCad’s libraries are hosted on gitlab: KiCad Libraries · GitLab. Your gitHUB link is an archived repository of the v5 libraries that is kept online for historical interest, but should not be used today. Don’t use the files on the github page as a reference for what should be installed; they’re a snapshot of what would have been installed a number of years ago.
  4. I think the “merge” that you’re talking about was a renaming of a lot of libraries during the transition from KiCad v4 to KiCad v5. You shouldn’t need to worry about that today, especially if you’re installing from scratch.
  5. I have no idea why a wikimedia page would exist for any file in the KiCad libraries, but I don’t think you should read anything into that.

If you’re interested and motivated to create & submit 3D models for the KiCad libraries, you’re more than welcome to do so. I would highly recommend that you talk to a librarian before you start working to make sure that your hard work is compatible with the librarians’ plans, so you don’t waste effort.

Among other things, there is a preference for generating models using a specific scripting system because it’s easier to maintain for large families of related models than creating models by hand.

as I said in my other comment, I don’t think you’re looking at the active repository of 3D models, as it’s on a completely different website.

But the preferred method of creating models is via the cadquery scripting system here: KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Packages3D Generator · GitLab
(last update 1 day ago)

and the current collection of 3D models is here: KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Packages3D · GitLab
(last update 9 hours ago)

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gkeeth, thanks for the reply,
I merged the current most copies via download looking to acquire missing files. If users aren’t mean to be able to do this then they probably shouldn’t be posted.

I did not catch that the link was an archive, I looked a little but saw nothing immediately obvious to indicate. I really didn’t dig either.

To be sure when I downloaded the archives they were direct from KiCAD.org, or rather following the posted links.

This is where KiCAD.org directs us. If it is wrong, it should be fixed.
KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Packages3D · GitLab

Digging into gitlab repository most of the parts are more than a year old. A hand full are more recent. I can see many merge requests to get parts integrated. I did not look to see what the red tape was. But I can see that of the 139 open tickets some are more than 3 years old. -Those parts, probably aren’t even still being made, its all wasted effort now. And seeing this makes me realize why so few parts available to purchase even exist in the official repositories. -The process.

Just going to go with it’s become unnecessarily complicated to develop. Almost corporate.

No clue what to do with the scripting stuff. Never had any lucking any of that work right, and just end up cluttering my hard drive with volumes of useless code that crashes in console, and wastes hard drive space. Unfortunately I think that those who decided this was best also chose to ignore just this, that only a handful know how to use this tool and even fewer have any interest in making parts, or foot prints. With a freshly formatted PC several days and a lot of patience I might be able to train myself to use that tool. And I think most of us are in the same boat.

So inevitably we will all have libraries of parts, but we cant share them and they wont be from KiCAD.

I can generate any model needed, so long as the MFG actually provided complete data in their spec sheets. I also use it to generate my foot prints, or rather the coordinates I will use within KiCAD to create a new foot print.

Why did you need to do this? If you have the most recent release of KiCad (6.0.10), which you say you do, the installer / package (for linux) installs all of the models that are available at the time of release. There are no additional models on gitlab that weren’t included in the 6.0.10 release, except perhaps a few bleeding edge models that were added after 6.0.10 was released a week or two ago.

If your installation is broken, let’s debug that, but your installation shouldn’t be missing any files that aren’t also missing on the gitlab repository.

I’m not sure what you mean by “posted”: the KiCad library download page links the gitlab repository, but explains that it’s not intended for end users. Gitlab is the repository intended for people who are developing the models.

That’s the correct link - it’s the same link I posted. Again, the KiCad libraries download page links to that page but explains that it’s not meant for end users. Users should use the libraries installed automatically with KiCad.

But please mind the difference between github and gitlab - github is an archive from years ago, while gitlab is where all current KiCad development takes place, including the libraries.

Most parts available to buy are more than a year old, too :slight_smile: I don’t see why having models more than a year old is an issue - there’s no reason to redesign perfectly good 3D models every year.

Yes, reviewing submissions is a perennial problem (and a frequent topic for handwringing on this forum). Particularly reviewing 3D models for accuracy is difficult, timeconsuming, and thankless, which is one of the reasons the models are largely scripted these days - it’s vastly easier to maintain, which is the #1 thing to optimize for when you have a time- and resource-limited team. In the last few months the library team seems to have grown a lot, though, and you can see that in the volume of accepted submissions.

I don’t think you’ll find anyone arguing that it’s a good thing when MRs languish unreviewed. I’m sure the librarians would welcome any help reviewing that backlog. But if you’re suggesting that librarians should lower their standards and accept unreviewed parts, I don’t think you’ll find much sympathy. A low-quality library is completely useless.

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