Mismatch between hierarchical labels and pins sheets


Hello guys, i’ve been dealing with this issue for quite a while now, browsed about it, checked every detail in the schematics and still can’t fix the problem.

Any hint? Or could i just send the zip file to somebody to check it?

If the project isn’t confidential you can attach it here as a zip (if you have enough forum priviledges; browse the forum for a while to get more priviledges.)

Unfortunately no priviledges yet.


leads to:

Hi @paulvdh i’ve already read the post on the link you sent, checked for everything suggested in the discussion, yet the problem remains.


With the given information we really can only give generic advice like the link posted by @paulvdh or also a generic explanation on how hierarchical sheets should work like this one from our FAQ Hierarchical or flat schematic design, what is best for me? (How to deal with multi page schematics?)

Anything more specific needs at least a screenshot of the sheet that includes your hierarchical sheet (the parent) plus one that shows the inside of the sheet. (even new users can post one image per post so with two images requested would mean making two answers one per image)

Plus possibly your kicad version from help->about->kicad->copy version info.

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On the MCU

Here are the screenshots. If it’s not sufficient i’ll give more info on the issue. Thanks.


On the MCU


On sheet box

On the sheet box

Inside the sub-sheet

On the MCU. This one i find interesting: CS1 and CS2 show no errors but CS0 and CS3 show errors.

See my attached picture.
Here labels LCD6 & LCD7 are connected properly. LCD5 label is not.
See the square adjacent to label LCD4, it should match the square at the wire’s end. then only net label is associated properly.

EDIT: Your can rotate the labels to match the squares. I mean its not mandatory to be only left aligned.

From my experience and knowledge the net label square doenst have to be aligned with the wire square as long as the net label is on the line, connected to it.

This is also what i remember. At least in version 4 and version 5. Not sure about current nightly / future version 6.

Here is an example, these net labels are connected on the line, but not necessarily with the squares on the line, yet they are electrically connected, so that’s not the issue

By the way what is your kicad version?

(5.1.6) - 1 the latest version i believe.

Latest is 5.1.7.

I sadly no longer have 5.1.x so i can no longer check what the exact interface looked like so the below might need a bit of interpretation.

Step 0 make a bacup.
What happens if you use the cleanup sheet pins button on one of the effected sheets? Does that remove some or all of the pins? If not then something is truly fishy (maybe try another sheet).
If it removed pins, can you use the add pins button of the same menu to get the pins back? Does the error go away or does it still persist?
If it persists maybe delete all other sheets and check again. If it still persists then start deleting labels on the inside as well as deleting the one on the sheet. If it was fixed then go the other way round. Try to isolate which sheet causes the problem.

The above explains what i would try if i would be faced with this issue. The screenshots alone do not really give me a better idea. What you can also check is that every sheet instance really points to the correct file.

You can also use the highlight tool to check if there is a difference in behaviour between a pin that works and one that does not.

I used the cleanup sheet pins button and it removed the problematic ones, then i tried import sheet pins and it recovered some of them only and there, the error disapeared.

But when i press Import Sheet Pins again i get a message: No new hierarchical labels found. Hence i’m left with missing pins i previously removed.

What does this tell?