Mismatch between hierarchical labels and pins sheets

I fixed the error, i removed the labels and pins, and created them again and it works now. Thanks a lot to everyone!!

As for the labels

Is there a general name for such kind of labels which have this array of labels inside of them?

You don’t seem to have a hierarchical label AN[0..7] in your subsheet. I see a port with that label on your outer sheet, and a bus going in to it, but in your subsheet you just have a bus with a local label (not hierarchical)

EDIT: You just posted the hierarchical labels in your latest screenshot. Those labels that contain more than one signal are called buses in KiCad

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Labels need to be touching anywhere on a line, they don’t need to touch at one of the endpoints (where the “unconnected square” shows up). If the “unconnected square” on the label itself goes away, it means the label is connected to something

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Yes @craftyjon i totally forgot the hierarchical labels, i just noticed it.
And thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Oh Ok. I faced problem with nets not connecting properly if the unconnected squares don’t match with labels back in 4.x version. Might have been my some other mistake that time which was resolved after matching the squares. So I’ve been matching the squares since then :stuck_out_tongue:
Also it looks neat - no wires ends left hanging.

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