Minimum clearances in PCB stuck at 0.020

Hi, new here. Have always been able to fix my issues by googling, but this one has me tied in fits.

I was playing with coax calculator and somehow got the minimum clearance stuck on 0.020"
I’ve never had this issue before today, the clearances have always matched the board setup:
< deleted as I can only post one image as a new user >
The above is from a project built before today, and still uses the correct clearance when I load it now.

Whatever I did today gets me stuck here, both with the project I was working on, and anything new I create:

The above shows foo, bar and glop, top to bottom.

Note that I can set the clearance larger than 0.020", but not smaller:
< deleted >
When using default the issue is the same.

I see nothing in constraints to explain it:
< deleted >

I’m sure its something I configured somewhere today, either in the main screen, the schematic editor, or the PCB editor.

I upgraded from 6.0 to 7.0 in an attempt to fix it, no luck…



Here’s my exa,ple of a working project


Here’s my example of the board config:

Finally, here’s my constraints file:

Hello and welcome @SteveAlso

Minimum clearance in Zone Properties???

Also, by reading various threads, you have “self promoted” yourself to Basic User (see here), so you may include many images and links in single posts now. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just found that here:

Try this:

Double-click your copper zone. Copper Zone Properties dialog should appear.
Type 0.005 into the Clearance field.
Click the OK button.
Re-run the DRC tool.

Now the question is how I set it in the first place … its been a LONG day. :unamused:

See the image i posted above.
Double left click the blue icon and then fill in the square. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m using 7.0 now, and double-clicking the icon only puts me into “add zone” mode.
I have to double-click the existing copper zone to get to that menu.


Sorry about that misinformation.

Glad you found a way to get to that menu.
You can also single click the Icon then single click any workspace, easiest if empty space.

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