"Made with KiCad" badge for github?

Ive been using git and github to store my electronics projects, I noticed there were no “made with kicad” badges so I just made my own. Is there a better one out there that someone else has made or am I stuck with the plain text one that I created?


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A quick search should have found this recent toipic:


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That appears to be for the board itself, not a badge. I guess it could still work. I was wondering if someone had a made badges that match the other github badges.

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Do you have an example?
My google search came up empty…

Something like these?

I really have no clue :slight_smile:

What format, size, look does it need?
I’m sure I can whip something up and put it under CC-xyz to make it usable by all.

Really if you’ve ever seen a GitHub readme.md there will usually be badges. I linked to one above, but usually they say things like “open source” or “made with arduino” or whatever. So when people read the readme file they can get information at a glance and know how it was made and see other features. For a reference you can take a look at a small project I’m getting done with here: Github link
If you scroll down you will see what I mean.

Yes the link provided is exactly what I mean. Sorry I couldn’t see the README on mobile.

Hm, interesting that the open source badge doesn’t incorporate the open source logo I find the most common:

What are the ‘rules’ for those github badges btw?
Anywhere one could read up on this…?

On the website I linked I can only see one, where the actual symbol extends outside the badge.
All others are just plain text as you have already created.

I assume it has something to do with the fact that GitHub is mostly for software and not hardware. I was unable to find any hardware related GitHub badges.