Where is the KiCad monotone logo of svg file and DESIGNED WITH?


I found a colorful KiCad logo at

But I’d like to get a monotone KiCad logo to use with Inkscape.
and so on “DESIGNED WITH” logo.

I couldn’t find it. So I change a colorful KiCad logo to a monotone KiCad logo.

But I cannot change orange circle part in black to white and in white to black.
Please help me and change orange part to white and black.
And I’d like to get a monotone logo with “DESIGNED WITH”

"Made with KiCad" badge for github?

If you got the SVG, download Inkscape.
It’s the tool for that kind of job - a very simple job.

Btw, here is more info on the font that has been used for the logo:

‘DESIGNED WITH’ is the KiCAD inbuilt font. No idea what similar font is available out there, but you have to find it so you can use it in Inkscape (True Type Font).


You mean this?

I think this one looks nicer though:


Joan thanks
I will search “DESIGNED WITH” inbuilt font.

hyOzd thanks

umm. sorry,
I like upper more than down.



I make a nice sticker.
Please use it everywhere.


Do you have the authority to request this or did you mean: “You are free to use it”?


I don’t have the authority.
I mean free under license of creative commons.

Footprint license is not cc ?


Which one? There are several. In this case, I would recommend CC0 https://creativecommons.org/choose/zero/



I think that the svg file license is CC0.
I waive all copyrights and related or neighboring rights of the svg file.
I don’t ask anyone for any money and don’t get any money from the svg file.

I’m afraid, my poor English.
Does it make sense?


I like the logo’s. Especially I liked the hole-style i’s dot. So I made little changes, here is my version of it free to use and CC0 license as discussed before.