Lost insertion of the company logo into the PCB (Bitmap)


I’ve just updated to version 5.0 the latest available, but, as I thought, I find myself with the company logo (it was a BMP if I remember correctly) disappeared from my drawings (PCB cartouche) even if in the preview you see it regularly. What should I do? Thanks for your help


Whereas in EESCHEMA everything is regular


Was this a “footprint” placed on screen or was it in the drawing text boxes?


The company logo is not a footprint, it is inserted in the squaring of the sheet, in the cartouche where the company data are inserted, the name of the file and of the design, etc. I created a SHEET A4 PCB.kicad_wks that I use in all my projects. In the SCHEMATICO everything goes well and the logo is still there, in the PBC it disappeared


Please raise a bug report on Launchpad and attach a trivial example pcb and worksheet file


I do not know how to do it! However, the logo is perfectly visible in the schematic, even in print, while in the PCB I do not see it on screen (but in the preview of the paper yes) and if I try a print is perfectly printed



Can you see the bitmap when using the legacy toolset?

I suspect you are seeing this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1775191

The fix is in 5.0.1 which is almost out


I checked the base drawing file FOGLIO A4 PCB.kicad_wks and the logo inserted is in JPEG format (and not BMP). I checked some of the SCHEMATICO files and it is visible, but if I go to review the print preview, the one that was there disappears and is replaced with the new one (I see it from the character of some writings), but the logo appears correctly. On the other hand, in the PCB, by opening any project, the JPEG logo can not be seen on the screen, but is regularly printed (and can be seen in the print preview).


The bug looks like it, but is tagged for V6. I have asked if this is also fixed in the 5.0.1 tree