Looking for footprint of an SMD oscillator


I am looking for the footprint of this SMD oscillator. Is it available in KiCAD library or do I have to make it?

Arvind Gupta

The link didn’t come through :slight_smile:


Sorry … here is the attached file.

sg8002jf.pdf (120.0 KB)

Arvind Gupta

Well SG-8002DB and SG-8002DC are in the lib. (For kicad 4.0.7 in Oscillators lib, for nightly/kicad 5 in the Oscillator lib)
SG-8002JF is not there (yet).

You could check if one of the other footprints is compatible with your part but i guess it is faster to simply make a new footprint. (or adapt one of the other 4 pin oscillators.)

Well… where is the oscillator symbol in my 4.0.7 installation pls. Or is it with some other name? Attaching screenshot.

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Edited: Changed the word lib with symbol

I answered with a footprint because your question is in the category “footprint” and you specifically ask for a footprint in the first post. I am a bit confused why you now talk about symbols.
It might be a good idea for you to read up on what symbols and footprints represent

There should be a Oscillator symbol lib as well but it might not be added to your project.
Use the eeschema->preferences->component library dialog to add libs.
More details about that see: Where are the momentary bush-button switches located?


Well regret to inform you that eeschema -> preferences -> component liabrary dialog does not show any oscillator lib (unless it is by some other name). I know the difference between symbol and footprint. Thanks anyways. Can you confirm from your end if there are footprints for any of these two devices pls:

Link 1

Link 2

Arvind Gupta

Yes i know that the oszillator symbol lib is not active by default. (It is however in your system directory.) This is exactly what i wrote in my last response. There is a reason why i gave a link in the second part of my answer. Did you read that topic? (The forum does not show that somebody clicked it. So either the software is flawed or you never bothered to click that link.)

Link to a datasheet that gives dimensions and i can have a look. (I am not going to search for it.)

By the way i wrote a FAQ post about how to check footpritns for correctness (Already linked in my first reply.)

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