Symbol for 4 pin oscillator


I am looking for the symbol of a 4 pin crystal oscillator. I checked the Place component option of schematic editor. I could onlyfind 4 pin oscillator symbols having 2 gnd pins:

I am looking for the symbol of devices as attached in the datasheet.

oscillator.pdf (318.0 KB)

Looking forward to your responses.

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Arvind Gupta

Weren’t you looking for this footprint a week or so ago?

Edit: Actually 20 days ago.

When designing PCBs it should be expected that you will often need footprints that are not in the standard libraries. The ability to roll your own is essential. All the information you need to create this footprint is in the PDF file you posted.

Modifying an existing footprint is still “creating” the required footprint and is exactly what he was told already in the topic I linked above.

Besides, once you’ve done it a few times, creating a footprint from scratch doesn’t take much longer than finding and then modifying an existing footprint.

The rest of your post didn’t make a lot sense, and your link didn’t work.

Probably a spammer, people who randomly start talking about PCB production and dropping links usually are.

Anyway, the OP is asking symbols, NOT footprints. Although same advice applies, if you can’t find it, create your own, in this case it is a good “starter symbol”.

Although oscillators may contain crystals, they are not the same as “crystal” parts. Oscillators clean up the signal and generate a single output, in this case there is also an enable output. Usually you need to configure an MCU to use an oscillator instead of a crystal source.

You’re right! I was answering the next question. :wink:

My apologies Arvind. I just saw the name and the word “oscillator” and associated this post with the one from three weeks ago.

However, as easy as it is to create a footprint, creating the symbol is many times easier.

Well yes… 20 days back I was looking for the footprint I had then finalised. I had to change the through hole oscillator to SMD one and hence I have to start from the beginning by searching for the symbol and then the footprint (then also I could not locate the 4 pin symbol of the oscillator). i have already seen that the footprint for 0705 SMD oscillator is already available.

So my query reduces to: is there a 4 pin oscillator symbol matching the datasheet pin-out?

Thanks and Regards,
Arvind Gupta

As others have said before me:
Being able to edit library symbols and to create your own is an pretty important skill for almost any schematic.
One of the reasons I really started to like KiCad is because it is so easy to make new symbols and edit existing ones. Select a symbol that resembles a bit what you want, hover your mouse above it and press [CTRL + e] to get into the In the “part libary editor” with your selected symbol.
Add / remove some pins, shove some other things around.
You can also make a copy there and save it in another library.

(This has been very buggy n the past for KiCad 4.0.xx but works pretty good now. I really hope KiCad’s V5 equivalent is also going to be good).

There are some in if you use nightlies … or if you use a 4.0.x-version.

You’ll have to check whether you have to renumber pins though!

Once you have become familiar with creating your own symbols and footprints, it is quicker to make your own from scratch than finding third party ones and checking their accuracy. There are a lot of poor quality libraries on the Internet. KiCads own libraries are carefully checked

The proposals (as base for a new symbol) are from the official libs :wink:

I know that, I was replying from my phone where quoting an earlier message is not so easy.
KiCads own libraries are of top quality these days.

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