Looking for coax connector footprint repo


Excepted the Smisioto lib, I’d like to know if someone tried to build a “coax connector” set of modules -with or without wrl 3D forms.
I’ve some vertical SMA, some BNC, but nothing serious in term of SMA Edge, N/UHF pcb mount, N Edge etc

any chance to find such a treasure ?


In the official lib there is not (yet) a separate repo for coax connectors.
There are some in the Connectors_Manufacturer libs.

In general the landing pattern for such connectors differs between different implementations. (Even by the same manufacturer) So you should decide which connector you want to use and search for a specific footprint for that exact connector.
There is a high possibility you might need to design the footprint yourself. You can then of course commit the footprint to the official lib. (Be aware that we can only accept contributions that follow the official library convention.)


Something here?


Tnks a lot Rene

I was just looking for « generic RF connectors for all-obscure-purpose-project » : standard SMA, generic N chassis…

Indeed, RF connectors are very special, and I design my own footprint each time I have specific needs (particularly when I have microstrip or impedance constraint). But that’s not every time the case, and a dedicated set of coax mod files would certainly be appreciate by the whole Ham radio/IoT/SDR/Wireless designers.

I knew that the basic “connectors.pretty” was already including some sma and BNC, and I found some nice modules in the “digikey ultra librarian” (and, as I already mentioned, the Smisioto’s )

Anyhow, even if I try to respect all the library conventions, I don’t feel confident enough to offer my designs to the community… I still have some progress to do to reach the “pretty” quality level.

Thanks for you kind answer. Hope to be able to contribute to the Kicad project one day