Locking an element in layout

I there, when using the function of locking an element in layout I´ve realize that the object stays unselectable, and with a weird appearance. The propose of this type of function for example in a professional tool like Siemens EDA, is to help the user when he like do lock a trace to define a static path when routing multiple traces. This avoid some strange behavior of push and shoving traces to the others and they get their shapes completely arruined and lost in design (just a practical example). Also about the appearance of the locked element, it should be more clean and low profile like in Siemens EDA for example.

which kicad version do you use?

that the object stays unselectable

for v5: don’t know
for v6+v7: there is a selection-filter at the bottom right of the screen. Enable the “locked items” checkbox.

my version is V7. Ok I’ve see that, sorry. But the lock appearance, do you know any way of changing that?

Yes, in Appearance (panel) → Objects → Locked Item Shadow.

In addition to locking shadow on/off (see eelik) there is a dedicated color-setting for the shadow on Preferences–>PCB Editor–>Colors (deep down at the bottom of the list). You could try different colors, and play with different opacity-settings.

ok I see it, thank you!

Yess I’ve see it, and I play a little bit with that. In my opinion, but just my opinion this could be a way better and simple, without “expand” the track geometry to indicate that the object is locked, this type of indication in a medium or complex design make this tip almost unpracticable. Once again I will refer the way that Siemens EDA do the indication for a track or a component that is locked, the indication is simply made by only display for example in a track, only the by showing the outline shape of a track. And for the components the same thing, only the outline shape of the pads is visible (without the fill). I use this tip a lot during layout design but in Kicad for that reason for me is unpracticable. But is just a personal opinion :slight_smile: