LMV331 from comparator.lib doesn't work for simulation

LMV331 from comparator.lib doesn’t work for simulation. I get the message:

Error: unknown subckt: x in 1 -200 0 100 r 50 50 1 1 i
Error: there aren’t any circuits loaded.

This library came with the original software, it’s not an external one. Isn’t this one suppose to work?

Comparator.lib is a symbol library, not a spice library!

You will need a spice model (often also a *.lib file or a *.mod file).

Escheema/ngspice does not provide spice models.

So check with the web, e.g. https://www.ti.com/product/LMV331-N#design-development and https://www.ti.com/lit/zip/snom073 .

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