Lite Nightly Builds

Lite versions of the Nightly Builds haven’t appeared for several days now.

Have they been withdrawn or is there a problem that needs fixing ?

Any versions of nightlies for 5.99 to 6.0.0 rc have finished because 6.0.0 has been released and nightlies for 6.99 are not really underway yet because of the holiday season… even the developers deserve a little break.

Yes, aware of the status of 5.99 and 6.0 as regards being released. Very quickly after that Nightly became 6.99 versions and packages have been created every day since, including Lite versions, I was installing them every day. The last Lite package was on the 28th Dec, then they stopped but everything else continued.

If it is just a seasonal issue I can be patient. Just wanted to raise it in case.

They (the developers) are probably basking in their amazement that 6.0.0 has finally made it to fruition. :grin:

There were a couple of comments in this thread:

I filed a bug in the bug tracker a couple of days ago. It has been moved to kicad/packaging/kicad-win-builder#142 and can be followed there.

Ah, great, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it there.

The Windows 6.99 lite versions are back. :+1:

…and there was much rejoicing.

Fair warning. 6.99 is unstable and going to be more unstable in the coming months as we do some sledgehamering for 7.0


Very aware of that. All real work done in released versions. I just can’t suppress my curiosity. It’s not unique to this project !

Yes, it is just for testing. I have it access a completely separate folder tree for projects and libraries, only the 3d models are shared between different versions.

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