LibreCAD update heads up

LibreCAD is often used to create complex board outlines in dxf for import into KiCad.
A new version, 2.0.9 has just been released


Includes dxf bug fixes


That reminds me - for those who actually use DXF import (and the rare people who use IDF and the dxf2idf tool), the latest development branch has correct support of DXF LWPolylines so your DXF outline which shows curved edges will actually have curved edges in kicad rather than chamfered edges.


Hm… just had a short go at it and it’s rather a very big step backwards for me - unusable.
I was expecting to be able to draw up some lines and drive their sizes by dimension-ing them, but that’s not what this tool is made for.
This tool is made for recreating the workflow people used to do on those drawing boards… creating 2d drawings of 3 dimensional things for production or documentation.
Dimensions are driven by the geometry, not the other way round.

It’s not made to interactively and iterative-ly design shapes.

You wouldn’t be able to manage something like that with this setup - unless I’m completely clueless and miss something obvious (or good hidden):

Yes, LibreCAD is not a parametric tool like FreeCAD, which I prefer for mechanical drawing. The reason I brought up the new release is that LibreCAD is suggested in the KiCad documentation and tutorials. I understand it does produce better dxf than FreeCAD

from developers list (jp.charras)

Info about dxf importer.

I added a feature (see files/import menu) to import a DXF drawings.
The purpose for this feature is to created board outlines from a
mechanical Cad for guys (like me) who need to create boards with strange
or complex outlines and/or with strong mechanical constraints.

The import uses the dxf lib coming from LibreCad (with no changes, I
just ran uncrustify on sources to have acceptable and readable sources
in Kicad).

Which means that LibreCAD is very compatible with KiCad as there isn’t any translation going on. If LibreCAD has now improved its library, KiCad may have to catch up

Why not use draftsight?

Maybe I missed something.

I import dxf on regular basis to be in sync with the mechanical design.

But have not tried yet in kicad.

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Maybe because of $400+ if you want to use it for longer than 30 days?

Edit: that’s wrong. Free version is free, 30 day trial is only for the professional part of the software.

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never noticed that problem

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Upsi, my bad… that’s for the professional trial that’s included in the free version.

Might need to check the program then… can’t hurt to see how Dassault does things :slight_smile:

also DoubleCad is nice for dxf… (only windoze :wink:)

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I haven’t used Draftsight in many years since SolidWorks will do most things for me, but I had the impression that the $$$ was for a support contract rather than for the software.

That depends a lot on what these improvements are. Aside from updated support for newer revisions of DXF I see nothing for kicad to catch up on.

I just downloaded LibreCAD 2.1.0, and DXF read (open) seems simply broken.
A simple test DXF gives no errors, but renders only points - no lines, and those points seem to be pairs, strangely spaced a quarter line-width apart.

File Import.Block, renders exactly the same way. Other recent posts suggest similar symptoms.

Maybe that ‘improved’ needs to be qualified ?

I’m just downloading DoubleCAD, as I used that a while back for DXF checking, & there is also A9CAD, old but simple for DXF work.
** DoubleCAD had gotten larger and slower…

I also find if I load into the nimble and small A9CAD, it loads fine, and then Save-As from A9CAD will load ok into LibreCAD, so if anyone has DXF issues with KiCAD or LibreCAD, a workaround could be to round-trip via A9CAD ?

For 2D drawings, I use Solid Edge 2D drafting, its free! And very powerful (is a parametric tool):

I see that Solid Edge 2D drafting is also a rather massive 2.4GB download !!

The A9CAD I just downloaded is a rather smaller 2.52MB installed footprint

LibreCAD 2.0.9 seems to be more reliable then the latest…

Have you registered a bug? This is core functionality for Librecad

Yes, bug registered, examples provided, and I think resolved, due in LC 2.2.0 ?


Hopefully in a 2.1.1
In the LibreCad world 2.2.0 could take years