Library construction

I just started learning kicad.
Why is the library symbol I prepared in Eeschema not visible on the pcb page?
do i need to make a new library for pcb footprint?

KiCad has separate libraries for schematic and PCB. This allows for shared symbols and separately shared footprints. A couple examples:

  1. One USB connector symbol in the schematic but then you can choose different footprints based on: inline, horizontal, vertical, THT, SMT, and different manufacturers who all have different ways of the shield connecting to the PCB.
  2. One 14-pin DIP footprint for the PCB that can be referenced by lots of different schematic symbols (to cover the large collection of 7400 series logic chips).

I see Rene replying so he is probably pulling up the FAQ links that I’m about to pull up…
EDIT: Yep. He did. One more link to help you as a supplement (and errata to) the included documentation is the FAQ button in the upper right-hand corner of this forum. (Unless you have enabled the dark mode theme for this forum where that link is missing.) This is the forum’s master index of FAQ entries:

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The word symbol in the context of kicad has a particular meaning. It is an asset that represents a particular parts function for the use in the schematic.

I assume what you understood with that word is what we would call a logo or graphic placeable on both the pcb and schematic.
So in short yes you will need to make a footprint to be able to add it to the PCB.

Further reading regarding this particular topic: What is the difference between footprints and symbols?

And as you are a beginner maybe this might also be of help: Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started)


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