Laying out SMD parts in a circle

Hi I want to make a pcb to hold SMD leds and their resistors
but the leds need to be laid out in a circle , like a ring of leds .
Is there a way to do it so the parts are laid out in a nice neat circle rather than
a sort of hit and miss placement

In the open gl canvas there is the array function which can work with polar coordinates. I never used it personally but this topic might get you started: Circular array tool?

If you need something more complex python scripting is also an option. Here an example for that: Python Scripting Example: Studio Clock

There is also Move Exactly with polar coordinates, although I have not quite worked out how to use it. I might need to RTFM.

I would use a script… the chances are if you do this once, you will need to do it again, and doing it manually is really tedious!

Thanks both , thats given me something to think about and a good starting point

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