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Hi, the blog Reference Designations For Electrical & Electronics Parts & Equipment, which I found referenced in multiple topics does not seem to be available any more. (File not found).
I’m looking for the full list of pcb designation abbreviations (the ones I found on line are quite partial, except ones that seem to be google-translated from Russian)

Missing from the Wayback Machine archive unfortunately

Yes, I looked there too…

you could try reaching the author of the post @9V1MI or the (at least I think) responsible for the website @peter-dalmaris to see if this is just and oversight or if there is any other copies available.

Try these two:

Yes, I saw these…
I’m trying to figure out what’s the difference between “RT” and “PT”…

Chris56000’s reply here seems more complete:

But I hoped to find a more thorough discussion about the multitude of standards in @9V1MI 's blog…

I have been engineering for > 40 years and I would like to know why the nomenclature is so important? I do see a lot of standardization but also a fair amount of variation.

I am not sure if this is the answer you want, but I think of RT as usually being a thermistor. Usually NTC but sometimes PTC. I suspect that PT is probably a platinum temperature sensor. I have heard of them often enough but have no direct familiarity with those.

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“PT” is not a viable class letter, at least according to IEEE 315 Clause 22.4. “RT” is the class letter for a thermistor.

I tried to find my blog posting on <> but could not find it. I will send a message to Peter to see what has happened and if he will re-post my articles.
–Regards, Larry


Hello everybody,
I did get a hold of Peter Dalramis and this was his explanation: He changed websites a while back and my articles were inadvertently dropped. He had backup copies and has now posted them at Peter also said you can get there by using the old URL as he has set up a redirection.

If you have further questions you can e-mail me at my e-mail address as posted in the articles.
–Regards, Larry



This is much appreciated!

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