Labels internally connected in hierarchical sheet but not connected in parent sheet [SOLVED]

I am using Kicad 7.0.7 on Windows 10.

As can be seen from the pictures. I have connected two pins(labels) internally in a hierarchical sheet. It shows connected when I use the net highlighting tool from inside the sheet. But from its parent sheet, it doesn’t highlight both the pins when the same tool is used, also if I highlight label_2 the net in the sheet is not highlighted(which means not connected).

First, The current KiCad version is V7.0.8. Increments in the third number are bug fix releases and it’s always recommended to update t the latest bug fix release. These are released about once a month and usually contain 60 to 80 (small) bug fixes.

Second, as a beginner you can not upload more then one picture or files. Read this to get over that:

Third. Because I can’t see what’s on your hierarchical sheet, and your project is such a simple thing, I just recreated it:

Root sheet:

Hierarchical sheet:

Zipped project: (3.5 KB)

In addition: By far the most common problem with connections is related to the grid. KiCad relies on endpoints of wires to have the same coordinates as the attachment points of pins and labels, and to do this, it is strongly recommended to always use a grid of “50mil”. If a connection is not recognized by KiCad, you see small circles (for pins) or squares (wires and labels) appear. In the screenshot below, the wire is NOT connected to the label:


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According to Nets do not link properly through sub-sheet (#15714) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab this should be resolved with v7.0.8

Yes, installed version 7.0.8. and the bug is gone.

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