KiMotor plugin fix

After installing KiMotor, the run icon did not appear in KiCAD7, and the error found that the constant “IU_PER_MM” changed in KiCAD7, and I changed it to a number, it can run, but it still does not work properly, and the author cannot be contacted

Already feedback, the author did not reply

Maybe contact here:

According to: Code frequency · cooked/kimotor · GitHub there has not much been going on over there for the last three months.

Data crunching to create a graph seems to be quite slow on gitlab. Apparently someone has made a fork of that project, but when I attempted to have a look at that I got:


and I gave up.

Are there any other plugin authors involved in fixing this plugin?

I patched it to work with kicad 7 but it’s buggy as hell. I get same results now in both v7 and v6


:+1: You did a great job.

I tested the fixed program and found that the problem appeared on the chamfer algorithm, and here is the result when I set the chamfer to 0, there is no error.


Hi all,
I’ve added support for kicad 7 over the weekend.

I also changed the fillet to be 0 by default so that the plugin generates a valid layout out of the box.

I’m working on a proper fix to the fillet bug, this is why I didn’t push a new version out yet.
Meanwhile you can download the master branch of the repo and install the plugin from local file.

Hang in there, hope to give you an update with the fix soon.