Design parametric PCB motors (stators)

I’ve been working on a tool to automate the generation of PCB stators for electric motors.

The plugin is little more than a proof-of-concept a the moment, and the documentation still to be written.
But I’m looking forward to get feedback (suggestions, feature requests) from anyone out there interested on the topic.

I’m going to manufacture a test run and hope to get some pics to share soon.



I am not interested in these myself, but I do know there is quite some interest “around” for these things.

For examples of others working with this:

There is also a two directional XY variant, Best I know ASML also uses something similar in their wafer stepper tables.

A good way to reach a bigger audience is to make it available though the plugin and content manager in KiCad. You can start by writing an introduction and stating that it’s in an alfa state, and then update later as your project progresses.

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