KiCost - call of developers

Hi every one, I am one collaborator of KiCost (script for generating part-cost spreadsheets for circuit boards developed with KiCad), idealized by @devbisme.

We released version 1.0.3, powered by Octopart API, and are close to release 1.0.4 with some new features (warning for obsolete parts, datasheet links, …).

Nowadays we are experiencing some issues relative to integration and would like to call contributors to help us to fix and improve with the next development steps.

If you have same Python experience and would like to contribute, please check the current issues at

We have 3 focus of improvement:

  1. KiCost motor and logics (the base functionalities);
  2. GUI and graphical (using wxPython, we need to improve the user experience here);
  3. Better install and configuration adding shortcuts to the operational system such (for this will be needed users from the 3 different OSs, Win, Linux & Mac);
    a. Context menu to open XML and CSV file in the GUI;
    b. App shortcut for KiCost.
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