KiCon 2023 Videos

The first of the KiCon 2023 videos is available now at

We’ll be releasing further talks regularly and will post updates here


@craftyjon’s presentation on Database Libraries is now available at


@seth_h’s presentation on Footprint and 3D model generation is now available at

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00:00 Introduction of speaker Seth Hillbrand.
00:55 Ad-hoc talk because of last minute cancellation because of visa problems.
02:05 Footprint wizard to make a custom footprint.
05:02 KiCad Footprint Generator (Librarian tool, scripted approach).
07:34 git clone KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Footprint Generator · GitLab
08:50 Setup for kicad-footprint-generator.
13:55 Making a merge request.
15:32 3D models.
16:25 Scaled cube (simple)
17:25 Other sources, such as SnapEDA.
18:00 Creating your own 3D model
22:20 Running the script.
22:55 Use FreeCAD to verify the genrated footprint is correct.
23:50 Check if the 3D model fits on the footprint.
24:03 Questions?|
24:50 What about adding a button in KiCad to automate the merge request?
26:20 Is a merge request for the YAML file sufficient, or do you wish merge requests for more?
27:44 Requirements for branches for making a merge request? (Make your own branch).
29:30 Add pictures (screenshot?) for easier verification.
29:55 Make sure your branch is clean. (Separate branch only for a single footprint merge request).
31:02 Pin 1 indicator was in the wrong corner. (Fix it by editing the YAML file.)
31:50 Are there plans to unify the Footprint Wizards with the Footprint Generator scripts?


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