KiCad versioning: How to find latest commit (Git Hash)

How can i find latest commit which is included inside nightly build?

Ttalking about v5.99 here.

I have this version (Help -> About):

Version: (5.99.0-8803-gb07c8110c8), release build
Build Info:	Date: Feb  3 2021 11:02:09

According to:

My version is:
Tag: 5.99;
Number of commits included, since “5.99” tag added: 8803;
Latest commit included is with hash: b07c8110c8 (10 numbers).

Lets go to

Search for part of “hash” from version number string:

Note, that hash numbers in the web are 8 number long.

Sorry for probably a duplicate post, but all of them are closed / locked, without a direct answer (or compatible with gilab migration?). I would suggest adding this to FAQ, because there were at least 3 posts about this:

Nightly Builds - How can I find revision number?, Release numbers, Windows nightly build


You had it almost right, the last two characters do not belong to the hash.

In this case I searched for this string:8110c8 and started deleting characters from the right, until i got a near match, then I just compared the match found with your version, it seems that the hash is between g and the last two characters.

Version: (5.99.0-8803-gb07c8110c8), release build

it would be nice it GitLab would let you search by hash and not only message.

Last 2 characters do belong to the hash. In fact hash is a lot longer, it’s 40 characters long but git shortens them to the smallest unique prefix. Gitlab UI cuts off more than needed since even 8 chars are usually enough.

So, for the record:

Versioning string for v5.99 nighttlies is:

Version: (5.99.0-8803-g b07c8110 c8), release build

XXX - tag;
YYY - # of commits after tag;
ZZZZZZZZ - commit hash, shown in GitLab (8 chars). This is string to search for in GitLab;
WW - commit hash, not shown in GitLab (dummy 2 chars).

Thank you all :slight_smile:

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going by @qu1ck 's information I would change ZZZZZZZZ - commit hash (8 chars); to ZZZZZZZZ - commit hash shown in GitLab (8 chars);

Agree - changed, thanks :slight_smile: