KiCad teachers?

Hi -

I am new to KiCad - but I’ve worked with electronics for some time now. I’m able to follow along pretty easily with the LED driver tutorials - but I’m hitting a wall with more ambitious designs.

I’m wondering if anyone on this forum would be willing to give a few lessons over Zoom/Skype/etc to help me accomplish my first mid-sized project.
If so, maybe you could send me a message and your general rates?


If it is electronic wall than probably you should ask somewhere else.
If it is KiCad wall then my suggestion is to spend some time reading this forum and FAQs and your knowledge should rise and rise.
If you can’t do something or don’t know how to do it ask questions here. But not so general questions, just specific ones.
Just last few days active thread:

contains information useful for beginers.
And there were lot such threads in past.

If you can learn by reading an e-book and following a paid video course, I can recommend Dr. Peter Dalmaris’s course, search for him. Part of the his proceeds are donated to KiCad so I feel he deserves a mention.

There is some information on this web page also.

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