Kicad Spice error model not found


Hello, I am trying to include component AD8561 into my KiCAD 5 spice simulation, however I get the error:

s.xu1.s1 xu1.10 xu1.11 j3-2 j3-2 slatch1 
Unable to find definition of model slatch1 - default assumed
Reducing trtol to 1 for xspice 'A' devices

Does anyone have a hint how to solve the problem?

I downloaded the SPICE model from this link

and the Kicad Symbol from this other link.

The component can be inserted into a schematics, but when running simulation, it stops at first iteration.

The same happens if I try to insert AD8001, then I get this error:

Too many parameters for subcircuit type "ad8001a" (instance: xxu1)
Error: there aren't any circuits loaded.

Any help is welcome.



I figured it out. It was a syntax problem of the file provided by AnalogDevices, programmed in PSPICE, that does not cope well with ngspice 26 (the one that KiCAD 5 uses).

The solution was to upgrade to git master branch of ngspice 28 (at least patch of Jul 25 2018)

Ngspice-28 for KiCad