KiCad not happy with importing DXF silkscreen to footprints editor


I am tring to import a DXF silkscreen to an XT60 footprint I’m making when I select the file and layer and hit OK simpely nothing happens…

what is up with it?

Thanks for your time.


I’m not an expert in dxf import but i guess the guys who know something about it might want to know a few more details.

How did you generate your source dxf. (What program, what settings)
What features are in the dxf. (are there only straight lines or are there circles, points, …)
Did you try a simpler dxf?


I projected the button of an XT30 connector in fusion 360 then exported the sketch as DXF and tried to import it to kicad and ut unckydes straight lines and fillets.


There have been various problems with DXF import. If you post the DXF, people might be able to work out the problem.

What version of KiCad are you using?


First thing that comes to mind are:

  • position of dxf in file vs KiCAD coordinates
  • DXF file compatibility

After import and saving of the footprint file, check it’s content with a text editor. Might be something in there…

PS: google comes up with this drawing… only missing the diameter of the pins for the PTHs for the vertical versions.

IMHO, with such a bleak reference source situation I’d get the real part, a caliper and measure it myself. I mean, if the dimensions from the DXF or drawing from somewhere on the internet are off, how much time (and money) do you loose if stuff is wrong and wont fit properly?

PPS:, if you can, add stitching vias around the PTHs for current carrying capacity.

Interesting that I find exhaustive drawings for EC connectors, but not for the XT ones… I’m keen to get both versions just to make the footsprints/step models actually and as something to look at for reference (have got EC2/3/5 in lots here as I like their spring mechanism better)… but don’t hold your breath, ebay/ali turn-around time is 3+ weeks in my neck of the woods.


Possibly due to this bug? What filename are you trying to import?

Has since been fixed in nightlies.