KiCAD nightly hangs on on "update from schematic"


Hey guys!
I use KiCad in production have strange artifact: try to “update from schematic” KiCad will get “authistic” - no any reaction, CPU 15%.
Export Netlist and open it in PCB works well with no any problems as well.
Someone same artifacts?
P.S. tried on two different Win10Pro PCs: same issue.

Cheers, Seb


This is a user forum. (Very few developers visit it regularly.) Bug reports should be made on the bugtracker.
More details see: I found a bug. What now?


From several user reports it appears that Windows 10 recently introduced an update which has caused usability issues with KiCad v4.0.x stable. These include program hanging, or unresponsive for extended period.

Recent nightly builds do not have the same issue. There is no fix for v4, so the only resolution is to use nightly build, at least until v5 is released. Beware that nightly builds required moving to new v5 structures, and may contain bugs. See Is it a good idea to use a nightly build version?


Is this V5 RC ?
I’ve seen that once, when I tried a larger design, but when I checked a smaller design, that looked ok.

It may depend on design size, or on the ‘degree of divergence’ in the design.

One thing to try I guess, would be to use Import netlist, and then try “update from schematic”
With ‘nothing to change’, and a proven correct SCH-PCB, one hopes it is less likely to crash.


Yes, its Nightly Build (r9723, but same issue about one week or so). Schema is anyway ok, very curios: at startinf new clean project all works fine. Add some parts etc- all ok. At some (not reproducible) point (and doesent matter of part) “update from schematic” hangs KiCAD. Remove last part- all works back, but if you add some part (other resistor, cap- doesent matter!)- same issue…


Interesting, this may be a completely different “hanging” bug Or maybe they are all related?

Anyway, seems to affect 64 bit Windows only, so a workaround might be to use 32 bit version.


That sounds quite reproducible & that’s a new build, so I’d suggest you submit a bug report**, with example projects that differ by one part.
One works, and one fails.

When it does work, “update from schematic” is looking a nice feature :slight_smile:
** Addit: … or add to an existing one…
The bug report linked above sounds similar, but you look to have found a threshold case, which could help developers.


yes, its looks like exactly the same bug…


Add your input to the existing bug report then.


I can send my working project if someone wish to test it out- no problems…:wink:


because you have what looks like a special threshold case, I’d suggest you upload those files to the bug report link above as 2 projects, one labeled worksok and one labeled addonepartbreaks.


I added two versions of project. One of them will not kill KiCAD but using “F8” all connections will removed. Import Netlist will bring all connections back- one corius artifact.
Second version of Project have only one resistor added - and will hanging on KiCAD compleete using F8. Export/import Netlist will work as ussual wothout any problems.
if you need my own libs used in project just let me know.
(Projects added to )


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