KiCAD netlist wrong wrt ngspice AD8001

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I am trying to simulate circuit from AD8001 SPICE model (Analog Devices)

When inserting the SPICE model and simulating, I get the error:

Circuit: KiCad schematic
Too many parameters for subcircuit type "ad8001ar" (instance: xxu1)
Error: there aren't any circuits loaded.

There seems to be an error in the netlist generated by KiCAD with respect to what the number of modeled nodes, as pointed out by Holger.

I get a netlist with

XU1 NC_01 Net-_R1-Pad1_ Net-_U1-Pad3_ Net-_C1-Pad2_ NC_02 VCC Net-_C3-Pad2_ NC_03 AD8001AR

compared to the model

.SUBCKT AD8001AR 3 2 7 4 6

The workaround is to click on the component, Edit Spice-Model->Alternate Node Sequence->3 2 7 4 6

Is it possible that KiCAD figures that out automatically in a future release?

I get another error:

Error on line 0 :
l.xu1.lin- xu1.15 net-_r1-pad1_ 0.1e-9 
unknown parameter (net)

This is now not a KiCad, but a PSPICE - ngspice conversion problem. The AD8001AR model contains a line
LIN- 15 2 0.1E-9
Unfortunately ngspice does not allow ‘-’ in the instance names as found here as LIN-. So the parser fails to read this line, an error occurs.

For now removing the ‘-’ to get LIN should help. In the long run an update to ngspice is required, either doing this removal automatically or allowing ‘-’ in instance names.