Kicad library problem with transistor

I use a PNP transistor 2N3905 this transistor is linked with BC327 that is wrong !
The pinout is not the same ?

Can it be corrected byKicad ?

For now where can I change the link ?

I failed to confirm this in the official libraries, can you share some more info? Where is that library from? How those two symbols were linked together? What link do you mean? One derived from the other?

And most important, what KiCad version?

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On 6.0.7 they don’t appear to be related and use the correct EBC and CBE pin out at appropriate

hello, thanks for your reply.
Kikad is the 6.07.
I attach a screen capture:

Thanks for your help

These are 5 radio buttons with the active one being “Update selected symbol”. If you click Update at this point only the symbol ( the one that was selected before this dialog popped up ) will be updated from the library.

The last radio button’s field, is probably filled with the last used value and, will have an effect if the user activates this ( instead of the current one ) and then clicks update.

More info here.

Thanks for your reply,
It’s appear it’s an equivalence fil that has the wrong assignement ? ie 2N3905->BC327 ?

I never change any library file…

How to find the right file ?
Best regards

What do you want to do there? Why did you opened this dialog at first place?

There’s nothing wrong with the library.
The person that designed the schematic chose the BC327 from the library and then renamed it 2N3905 in the schematic itself. That doesn’t change the chosen symbol, just the name displayed.
Delete it and insert the real 2N3905 from the library.


It looks like you added a BC327 and manually changed the value to 2N3905. This is of course not the right method to replace a symbol.

Simply delete the symbol and add the correct one from the library.

I’m also not sure why you’re using that dialog.

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Very likely so.

But you do not have to delete the (all of these) symbols and place new ones. You can use Schematic Editor / Tools / Edit symbol Library Links.

Which leads to a menu nightmare of unintelligible buttons and functions.
Deleting/replacing is faster, easier and has no unwanted side effects.

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If you put in some time to learn how the “more exotic” parts of KiCad work, then over time it will improve your productivity.

Another tool you can use to exchange a schematic symbol for another is with: Schematic Editor / Edit / Change Symbols.

And sure, if you only want to change a single symbol it’s pretty much trivial which method you use, but with those tools mentioned, changing 100 transistors is just as easy as changing one.

“Has no unwanted side effects” – wrong! If you have made the PCB already and then replace the symbols that way, you’ll loose the connections between the symbols and footprints. Have a nice day finding and re-positioning the footprints if you accidentally update the PCB from the schematic in the normal way after replacing symbols. This doesn’t of course happen if there’s no PCB yet, but I suggest not to give an advice which may have unwanted side effects for some users. The correct ways to replace symbols aren’t unintelligible or nightmare once you understand why the options exist.

If I one day have to change 100 transistors, then I’ll consider those functions. But it’s actually more likely that I’ll use a text editior and modify the project/schematic files directly.
The big problem with all the chrome-plated library/symbol tools is that their scope is unclear.
Am I working on the symbol?
Am I working on my local “family” library?
Am I working on my full personal libraries?
Will this affect other symbols?
and, and, and…
The symbol/library functionality (and especially the libraries themself) is a step-child in KiCAD, nobody really cares, and special wishes/features have been added without much thought or oversight. I understand this, maintaining libraries is tedious and boring, coding is much more fun. Who wants to do boring things in an open-source developer group.

Don’t shout me down on this issue. If that’s really the case, then it’s not my problem, but KiCAD’s.
If the program is unable to at least issue an understandable warning at that point… well, I don’t know what to say.

If I tried to shout you down, apparently I failed.

You are free to purchase Altium, OrCad, PADS or others of your own choosing.

Well. that escalated quickly.
I apparently replied to paulvdh simultaneously as eelik penned a somewhat aggressive reply to me.
That’s not where I wanted to go, but I was dumb enough to react; I should have ignored it.
My apologies.

Your help so far has been proven a real treasure. You seem to care enough only to complain. How did this helped you so far?

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Why do you pour oil on the fire? Fun? Trolling? Otherwise your comment is unnecessary and unhelpful.