KiCAD fusion with QElectroTech and MyOpenLab

Hello, I am new in this forum, I write this post with hope than any developer read it.

… actually exist a massiva migration since privative software to open source, in this issue we need be more competitive, for this motive I request a fusion between KiCAD, QElectroTech, and MyOpenLab (Or software similars or equvalents), similar to FreeCAD with KiCAD, this for complement and fight at same level than privative software, integrate all those mentioned software and complement their workflow.

PD: the forum link belongs to a new architect group than are trying to impulse a the open source in new projects, everyone is welcome.

I also use QElectroTech. It doesn’t have a huge and community kept library.

I don’t known if this “fusion” is viable… the software have different proposes.

It was also said “similar to FreeCAD with KiCAD”, i.e. some kind of integrated collaboration.

I am trying to think the type of data exchange/integration/workflow possible between the tools.

A plugin interface for 3rd-party software is already planned for KiCad.
That seems to be the most logical step at the moment.

In FreeCAD for example, installing a plugin is simply:
FreeCAD / Tools / Addon Mangager / Workbenches / kicadStepuUpMod

A quick count says there are currently over 80 different Addons listed there in FreeCAD, and each time you press the down arrow, it takes a second or 2 to show half a line of information. It would be nice if KiCad’s plugin manager has a standardized way of adding a 20 or so line description of what each plugin does, maybe a screenshot or other pictures. The way this is already implemented in the preview of templates is nice, simple and user friendly. Each template has a html file, complete with rendering of pictures etc.
One thing that seems to be missing is a standardized way to convey version info of a template, although all templates seem to have a copyright notice with a year number as the last line of the template.

There is some initial discussion

I took the hint and added a remark of re-using the current “Template structure” as a framework to build the plugin GUI on:

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I write this comparing KiCAD with their nemesis Eagle and AutoCAD Electrical. If KC is not like QElectroTech, they are very similar in workflow and roadmap, both have same needs.

MyOpenLab can generate code, simulation, etc, have similar workflow to KC or QET, but have same needs.

The mentioned software are done for do same work, but mentioned software are complementary between they. IHMO could be integrated similar to KC internals programs.

Finally I could suggest add support to import
Export CSV files, for automatic drawing creation and integration with libreOffice for automatic BoM and budget.

About budget-BoM, if the some generates CSV files we/I could do some work on KiCost.

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