KiCad Crashes Upon Opening Schematic (Solved)

Hi guys,

Have been running on nightly for some time now. Having updated to 6.0.0-rc1 today, if I open any schematic dated back to circa May/June 2018, it will crash KiCad. The schematic file version is at 4. Any way to remedy this by editing the schematic file by hand?

I figured it out it has to do with the rescue-lib present. If the project file listed a rescue-lib different from the one included, it will crash KiCad.

I think you mean 5.0.0…

You might want to report that as a bug, especially since you can reproduce it.

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oh man that version string is even better then the previous one. (Now people will think v6 is near for the next two years.)


I’m surprised someone hasn’t informed us that “v6-rc1 has been released” :slight_smile:

Really, the version string in nightlies should read something like “warning-this-is-not-a-new-release-and-may-contain-bugs”.

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Or adding the word “pre” or “dev” or anything basically that tells people that it is not really a release.

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@rocketscream, I think is related with IMPORTANT: Symbol Library Table Merged into Development Branch
It was some hack that I did on Nightly when changed v4 to pre-v5 (with the new symbol table format).

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