Kicad-cli with flatpak installation

Hello. I am trying to use kicad-cli from a flatpak installation. I only found this post Arch|Manjaro and Kicad 7 that barely mentions that one user was not able to do so.

Is it still not possible? Thanks in advance.

Assuming whoever packages flatpak for kicad didn’t exclude kicad-cli binary from the archive then a combination of --command=/app/path/to/kicad-cli and --filesystem=home or similar should work.

You can get a shell within the flatpak with flatpak run --command=bash org.kicad.KiCad and then poke around to find where kicad-cli is and where your files are mounted.

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Thanks for your help!
Executing bash using flatpak run as you suggested made it really easy to find where the binary was mounted and now I can use it through this shell or using: flatpak run --share=network --filesystem=home:rw --command=/app/bin/kicad-cli -- --version org.kicad.KiCad

You showed how to use the cli using flatpak and how flatpak works. Thanks a lot!

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