KiCAD BGA Tool to 169 MAPBGA 0.65mm pitch



Can you recommended to me a BGA tool to KiCAD 4.0.7?

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What features do you want that tool to have?


To routing, dogbone style, I think.

I have seen this tools

But I do not know if there will be more




I’m starting to draw a BGA but I think the stroke is very thick. I do not like this as it is staying.

I’ using:

Clearance --> 0.1 mm
Track Width --> 0.1 mm
Via Dia -->0.4 mm
Via Drill --> 0.2 mm

Normally what measures are used?


I remembered some BGA tool thingie from a recent post.
A simple search & re-found it in:
Have you looked at some other BGA related threads on this forum?

Your footprint looks weird, but I am unfamiliar with your color scheme.
Yellow is the copper I presume, and purple the solder mask ?
The pads look much too small and exposed copper on the traces seems … unacceptable.

I’m not very familiar with BGA’s, but I think it is common to use 6 or more layer pcb’s and (micro / buried) via’s to fan out the pins, just as in other posts here. That seems to be the only way, you are never going to get more than 2 rows of the BGA fanned out per layer.

You also may want to have a look at the Olimex Olinuxino A64 design on Github.
It is a fairly dense PCB with several BGA’s done with only 6 copper layers in KiCad.


Looks like a screenshot of the 3d viewer to me?
The NPTH where the tracks cross gives it away.
So realistic colors with purple soldermask and golden copper.


Yes is 3D viewer with purple soldermask and golden copper.


Thank you,

Attached is the footprint. Is to NXP Kinetis K series.
BGA-169_9x9X1.15mm_Pitch0.65mm.kicad_mod (15.6 KB)

I followed this AN
4.2.1 Pad Diameter


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