Kicad 6 Bus questions. (Mod Edit: It's not a tutorial)


I am testing Kicad 6 for the first time.
I worked with 4 and 5 for years but i am also trying busses for the first time.
I found some tutorials on Youtube but i hear busses changed in v6.

Does anyone have a good tutorial on this?

At the moment i did it like this:

Buses are somewhat different in v6. I would start with the user manual’s section on buses: Schematic Editor | 6.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad

Offhand I don’t know of any tutorials.



I have seen that yes, having a hard time to understanding that.

That looks correct to me, but I’m also a newbie on buses. I usually just use local or global labels to connect the signal. To me the bus rarely clarifies the connections in the schematic.

Could you point to a specific part which would benefit from some clearification? Maybe we can help to interpret the things which are hard to understand.

I encountered the same prob, Kicad V6 has significant updates. visiting the docs resolved my issue.

Nothing magic about busses, it’s a way of grouping connections belonging together that would otherwise run parallel, eg, an 8-bit data bus.
Important is only to get the bus entries/exits connected and labelled right.
Your schematic seems fine to me.
I attach a simple example from one of my own designs:

In Kicad 6, all of my Bus connections are giving the DRC warnings about graphically connected, but not a member of the bus.

Any ideas would be welcome.

This suggests that the bus functionality was never completed?

I tried putting a wire over a bus line. That didn’t solve anything-except for making it difficult to edit.

This seemed to have explained it. The Bus functionality is disappointing.

as buses cannot have real signal names, as they often do in real life.
Perhaps I could put text labels next/over the net numbering labels.

No, a KiCad V5 tutorial can not explain how KiCad V6 buses work.

Buses can have real signal names, and you previous remark already implies this:

KiCad complained that you connected something to a bus that is not part of the bus. So I suggest you read the user manual on how to create members of a bus.

I do not use buses much myself, a few days ago I read part of the KiCad manual on buses to give an answer in:

(And for that I a also made a little test project).

KiCad V6 also has Schematic Editor / Tools / Bus Definitions but because I do not use buses much myself, I have not invested time in figuering out what that does exactly and how it works.

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