Kicad 555 Timer Simulation

hello i have been trying to simulate a 555 timer circuit, when i try to simulate it keeps saying the circuit is not loaded. this is my first time using it so are there any additional libraries which are to be downloaded or steps to be followed ?

In order to answer your question we need to have more information. Please try to post your schematics preferably as KiCAD schematic or at least a screenshot. And go more into detail what you do.

Sorry as i am a new user no pictures, i am trying to simulate a timer as a astable multivibrator or in the words trying to obtain a PWM output wave at the Discharge Pin (7). I have used a LMC555 TImer, R & C, battery etc. I need to perform transient analysis.Also i have realized that there are no particular footprints for a 555 timer so should i choose the footprint based on its pins and packaging??

It doesn’t take much to reach the new level and you seem to be there. Post your pix if you have them.

Yes. I just checked on DigiKey and the 8 pin SOIC looks like the bigger seller…This would have been my guess. If you are just building a few boards it does not matter much, but if this is for mass production then it makes sense to choose a popular package because this helps to insure future availability. I think that other manufacturers also make compatible devices in SOIC, but by all means do not take my word for it.

If all you want is an oscillator, consider doing it with a comparator only. This can make a very stable and accurate oscillator which will be easily simulated. I think many good 5 pin comparator ICs are cheaper than the LMC555. I have often considered using a 555 timer to accomplish some timing function but almost always figure out a better way, so I am not so fond of that IC. At least the CMOS versions avoid some of the issues with the original bipolar version (which I think was developed by Signetics only about 45 years ago.)