Kicad 5 PCBNew keeps freezing


Using Kicad 5.0.1 on Win 7.
PCBNew freezes when I try to move a footprint.
It’ll work for a few moments, but then in the middle of moving a footprint it will freeze.
This happens every time.


Do you have the 3d view open? It’s updated continuously and takes some time.


No, just PCBNew and Eschema.


32 or 64 bit version?
The 32 bit has a few bugs, that will be fixed in 5.0.2


64 bit.
The 5.0.0 version was ok, no freezes.
Im going to uninstall 5.0.1 and reinstall 5.0.0 and see if that fixes the problem.
let you know…


Yup, that fixed it.
No more freezing.
Ver. 5.0.1 just doesn’t like my PC :frowning:


What is your graphics? Have you got the right driver?


This is probably or

We saw a few windows issues in 5.0.1 due to implementing our threading across platforms (previously it was not available on Mac at all – single thread). Updating the Windows build environment to newer tool libraries seems to have addressed this along with changing modestly how we thread.

If you can, please test one of the latest Windows 5.0.2 pre-release builds from

Let us know if you are still seeing issues!


I will also try this build, I was wondering where 5.0.2 was as the 5.0.1 download warns that it has a problem and suggests waiting for 5.0.2


This build does not run for me, libcrypto-1_1-64.dll is missing


This has been fixed.


Jenkins-75 seems good so far.


I wonder why they don’t leave some of the older builds for comparison testing. I would have prefered to download Jenkins-75 based upon @davidsrsb review.

At this time there is only the option to download Jenkins-78.


Jenkins-78 crashes in Eeschema, using Tools/Edit Symbol Library References, unless “Cancel” is clicked.



In Eeshcema, after using the Edit Symbol Library Tool, the symbols behave wonky.

First is this:
Many of the parts displayed the no connection indicators.
Note: ERC passes and does not flag these as actually being disconnected.

It is difficult to move some of the symbols. Depressing “m” with the cross-hairs over the symbol does not move it.
The most reliable way to move the symbols was to first left click on it, then right click on it and select “move” from the drop down menu.
Note: some of the symbols were updated to point to a new library where the symbol’s anchor was on a different grid.


Have you reported this as a bug, GitHub shows a new commit in ratsnest code threading, so it could well be what caused this?
By all means discuss here, but the developers need to be alerted urgently via Launchpad as Wayne is pushing for a release before Thanksgiving


I’ll never claim anything in KiCad to be a “bug” ever again.

I now figure it is developers expected behavior; and something that I just did not remember from over a year ago.


This one is funny!

Bad programer!.

The crosshairs were over a symbol and “Ctrl+e” was depressed and some other message popped up.
Then right clicked on the symbol and the above message appeared.


The message comes from WxWidgets, the UI toolkit, not from KiCad source code. It may of course be a bug in KiCad.


Did you test 5.0.1_4?