Kicad 5.99 64 bit download

Hi all,
I was forced to fomat my hard disk to reinstall the O.S. (Windows 7 64 bit).Before that I was successfully using KICad version 5.99 but now I’m unable to find it.When can I download it?
Thanks in advance

5.99 does not exist.
5.99 became 6.0.0 at the beginning of this year.
Currently Kicad is up to 6.0.8
6.0.8 is 5.99 with approximately 9 months of bugs removed.

There is a 6.99 (no relation to 5.99) which will become 7.0.0 at the beginning of next year.

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I can ensure you that I had the 5.99 version, I also saved the old installation folder, the problem is that I cannot restore the library path so I want to do a fresh installation.
Version 6.08 is not compatible with Windows 7, I alredy tried.

You certainly would have had a 5.99. It did exist, alas no longer.

Anything ending in .99 is a development program which is not kept when turned into a stable version.
Currently there is a 6.99 development program which will be discarded when 7.0.0 is released.

Your best bet is to use as later a version of the stable 5.x.x as is available.

Alternatively, you can go virtual and run Kicad 6 on Linux inside Windows or maybe dual boot Windows and Linux (with Kicad).

Are the Windows nightly builds really deleted after a short while…?
That would be kind of a “wow! really?”…

(For fedora there are 5.99 builds still available at copr… It doesn’t help a Windows user of course, but I didn’t expect that stuff just disappears.)

Which is the latest version 5.x.x compatible with Windows 7?

5.1.12 it seems, here.

You will find everything available at

Scroll down a bit in the windows download to “previous releases”

I use Mint which is Ubuntu, but I have never found anything other than the current nightly. Not that I would want an old nightly… the older the nightly, the more dragons, the fewer new bits???

Sometimes things happen in the nightlies that might cause the need of going back to an older one.
For example things break (not that common but it happens; there was one example I noticed quite recently).
Or, like the user above, support for Windows 7 is removed…

I only play in the nightlies. If it breaks, I stop using it 'till it is fixed. I never use it for anything I’m serious about.
I usually just place copies of old projects in the nightlies for playing, then delete when I have thoroughly wrecked everything. :slightly_smiling_face:

Windows 7 incompatibility with Kicad 6 is a hassle.

Yes because a years worth of nightlies would consume about 1TB of space…that adds up


And besides that, I think developers would like to bury their sins. :rofl:

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I don’t know how KiCad is hosted, but the hardware to store data is not that expensive today.

10TB harddrives are somewhere around $300 or so even i my expensive country; take a pair for RAID…

Then of course, there might be a hosting service that is expensive, if it is not done in house.

But I’m still somewhat surprised, that we still count bytes these days.
(In old times, my professor at the university said: “Harddrives are cheap. Make a copy at any time when you change something, don’t worry about the storage space.”
And that was in the previous millennium.)

Of course we use hosting services, we aren’t running hardware ourselves, that’s time consuming, has other cost overheads (datacenter colocation is $$$$ these days) and is just generally a bad idea.

Yeah. They know how to make money.

And storage has become so expensive that we can’t afford it anymore…

Thank you all for the replies.
When I try to launch Kicad 5.99 from the older installation folder I get the error of the attached snap, I miss some library.

Have you tried kicad 6.0.0?
Not tested, but it could deserve a try.

Already tried, KiCad 6 does not run on Windows 7.

All the suggestions to try to run an old 5.x version after having run 5.99 (really 6.0 alpha) for a year seem curious to me. 5.1.x is NOT going to be able to open any projects written in 5.99 due to breaking format changes.

If someone has a late 5.99 build a few days before the 6.0 release, that binary could be hosted somewhere so caius could use it.