KiCad 5.0 Step export is 2x as large as from StepUp


Any Idea why this would be the case? KiCad’s step output also crashes Solidworks 2018 not sure if it is just because it is so large or if there is some other problem.

The larger one was from KiCad



Time to bring in @maui


Shows how good stepup (or freecad) is :wink: (assuming i read it correctly and stepup makes the better file)

Well i doubt there will be a solution here so you might want to make a bug report over at the bug tracker. More details: I found a bug. What now?


SolidWorks is fussy about STEP model quality. Board outlines must be exactly closed and the components must be modeled correctly. Several are not.


Well… StepUp is doing something better that is the point… even then 15Mb for a simple PCB probably leaves alot of room for improvement even in StepUp though I realize if there are complex models if can be hard to avoid.


It’s worth trying a trivial PCB with one capacitor and track. The STEP files should be readable to see where the 2x is coming from


Agreed it does it on all the PCBs I’ve tried.


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