KiCad 4.0.7 footprint library wizard


I downloaded this one : v4-backport-5.0.0-rc2 and installed it right away. im indeed behind proxy as many sites and such are blocked from my use. I do know ( i think ) enough about assigning footprints and such because I’m following the ‘‘getting to blinky 4.0’’ instructions from contextual electronics.

I will read the how to install a specific version of the footprint library :+1:


If you have questions regarding that feel free to ask. Just as a hint: open the footprint library manager and look what is in there. I would guess that there are a lot of entries starting with ${KIGITHUB} as this is the default. You will need to delete all of them and replace them with whatever library version you decide to install. (using the backport lib is a very good plan as it will make the switch over to kicad 5 much easier.)

Just be aware that the 0402 footprints are all wrong. (I discovered yesterday that i had a typo in the script)


I asked my company to take GitHub out of the proxy so it could be used. So i don’t thinks it depends on the proxy.


I am not sure if it is a problem with blocking github or if it is that kicad does not create the html request wrong if you are behind a proxy.


Well i don’t know that either. :sweat_smile:


It’s all from my local map now. I deleted the whole library table and put the : v4-backport-5.0.0-rc2 with all the libraries in. I will try to assign footprints now.


By the way restart kicad after changing what libs are loaded. It might be that cvpcb just doesn’t update its internal list


alright thanks for mentioning that. :+1:


You might also simply have both the old v4 lib and the new v5 lib in the lib tables. (would explain why you still see the Housings_xxx libs)


It’s working like a charm now @Rene_Poschl !!. Thanks so much all the footprints are there and just like you said the SOIC is now in package.

Your’e a legend.

I can’t thank you enough,



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