Keep raster image when import using Bitmap2Component


I want to import jpg file into layer of Pcbnew to reproduce a PCB.
I found some threads where discuss about, for example:
When I convert image to mod I got black and white picture.

How can I keep raster image in RGB in the layer?

Thanks for the help!

How are you going to produce it in RGB on a physical board?

I will not transfer RGB to the physical board.
I only need it to place elements and route tracks in PCB projects.

my best advice: Update to v7 (even if it’s only a release-candidate version). That version introduced the native feature to load a bitmap in the background (I have not used it for myself - so no advice how it works).
The usecase was exactly yours - repair/reproduce a pcb.

There were also some threads on this forum in the past.


Thank you!
It’s work!

Hi, you need to convert your .jpg file to .bmp, then look at Image Converter, take care of the size and if necessary resize to adjust to correct value.
Let me know !

From image converter you will get monochrome picture in black and white.
I need colorized raster image in pcb layer.

Hum ! I’m sorry I don’t understand what you want to do :roll_eyes:
At the end each layer is in B/W (black for traces and White for no-trace) when you provide Gerbert files to manufacturer they only take care of B/W no RGB … If you want to create multiple layers you need, one by one, to import as B/W layer and then in Kicad assign a color for display, but remember at the end you generate Gerber in B/W format !

I mentioned earlier that I don’t need transfer image to physical board.
This method will helps me to restore original board design.

Sorry Irvin , what you mean by " original board design " ?
You have, I.E, an Orcad design then you need to export to Kicad ?
Or you have multi-layers Gerber files each with one different colour ?
Sorry again …

I have existing working PCB and I want make reverse engeneering of it.
I took a photo upper and bottom surfaces and I want place its as a template to recovery traces.

OK, this means that you (or not) have components on each side?
You must first “delete” each component, then recover the missing traces, in the Top and bottom.
By the way, do you think there are multi-inner-layers?
In this case, your RGB snaps are useless!

For the best way I need to take photo with components, next remove components and take photo both layers. Bottom side must be mirrored.
This three images I want to place at correspondent layers to quick sqitch between these.
Next I place footprints and trace route what I see in images.
And finally I will transfer netlist to schematic to recreate ones.

That is exactly the intention of importing images in the latest KiCad version. It was introduced about half a year ago in KiCad-Nightly V6.99, and now KiCad V7 is almost released…

I installed 7.0
When I import image into layer and release it I couldn’t find a way to select it and resize it again.
Moreover, I can’t do anything else with it, nor delete anything.
Strange behavior…

I’m seeing the same behavior.
I placed the image with PCB Editor / Place / Add Image. When it’s first placed, it has small square boxes in the corners and I can use it to resize the image. Once the image is unselected though, I can’t select it anymore, and thus I also can not move or resize it.

I can change the transparency of the image with Layers manager / Objects (tab) / Images, so that does work.

I am certain I once experimented a bit with this and I could move and resize pictures. I think it’s a bug, but I’m not quite sure as I have not used this feature much yet.

yes, it’s a bug. I cross-checked with a slightly older version (nightly from 27.01.) and there it worked (bitmap-selection + resizing + bitmap-deleting). So the bug was introduced during the last 5 days.

I will try to install 27.01 and I will wait patiently future release…

In nightly from 27.01 I can select and resize image.

Thank you!!!

Thanks for the confirmation.

I created a bug report for it.