Issues with PCB Layout in KiCad 6.0.0

Hi everyone,

I’m running into some challenges while working on a PCB layout in KiCad 6.0.0 and could use some advice.

I’m designing a two-layer PCB for a small project, but I’m having trouble with the following:

  • Clearance Issues
  • Via Sizes
  • Component Alignment

I’ve tried looking through the documentation and adjusting my settings, but the issues persist. If anyone has encountered similar problems or has any tips, I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance

I also check this : Issue with Hiding 3D Models in KiCad PCB Layout editorgcp

v6 is two major versions behind. Are you sure you can’t start with the latest version 8.0.2? People have forgotten a lot of the details of v6. At least if you are going to use v6, update to the last stable version 6.0.11 and get a lot of bug fixes.


I fully agree with retiredfeline.
The third number in any KiCad version number is the “bug fix release”. A zero in the third number always has relatively many bugs. There are quite a lot of people who do not update to a newer mayor KiCad version until the 3rd or 4th bug fix release of the new version. These bug fix releases are made approximately once a month, while mayor KiCad versions are released yearly.

If you really want to stick with KiCad V6, then at least update to it’s latest bug fix release.