Issue with custom shaped pad hitbox


Bug report

I have some routing issue: when I try to reach a pad surounded by another custom shape pad (see image below) the router refuses such to connect.

Enabling the option to show collisions, highlightes the whole footrpint, thinking probably the thermal dissipator
is a boundary box. (The H formed shape)


Has someone encountered an issue like this already?

Thank you in advance! :heart:


I would check the pad clearances of all pads 1, 2 and the H in first place.

If you send the footprint some of us could also give it a try.


What did you select in the clearance tab for the zone connect stuff? Did you select convex hull or outline?
What is the shape and size of the reference pad linked to the complex pad?


The footprint :slight_smile:


(options (clearance convexhull) (anchor rect)) change it to outline (options (clearance outline) (anchor rect))


Thanks for the answer,

For the clearance :


I have try convex and outline, sadly the result is the same.


Did you update the footprint in pcb_new when making the changes to shape in zone?

If you did then it might be time to open a bug report:


I’m using V5.0.0-rc2-dev

In legacy canvas, the footprint behaviour is fine.

In opengl canvas, the track always jumps to the centre of the H pad, even with magnetic option set to “never”. It only happens with this individual footprint, not with any other footprint of my own.

Try to start a track from pads 1 or 2 instead of finish the track on those pads to see the issue.

As the nets for pads 1 an 2 are alright, there is a collision problem. Always.

I cannot understand why it happens.


The bug has been conformed and given the importance high.

@Shadok a workaround (until this is fixed) might be to recreate the footprint using 3 overlapping rectangular pads instead of one custom pad. (As there are only 90 degree angles in the pad outline you don’t really get any benefit from the cutstom pad. The main benefit for custom pads is better clearance calculations for pads with strange angles.)


Rene, the workaround is easier: F9 to switch canvas, route the 2 tracks and go back to F11.

There is no DRC issue.


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