Is there a way to view XDFZ files?

Hi everyone, I have some PCB files with extension *.xdfz that I open with XDF Viewer. I think that this tool is from Zuken but I’m not completely sure as there is almost no information on the internet about the file format or tool. Anyway, IMO it is just a pain to use, therefore I wonder whether there exists a way to import/open those files in KiCad? I only need it to find and highlight certain nets for physical measurements, therefore nothing fancy.


I don 't know about Zuken or the file format.

However, it may be a simple Text file with their extension (a common thing programmers do).

Try changing the extension to .txt and see if it opens with a Text editor…

You are kind of right, it’s a gzip compressed XML file which is good to know but I guess there is no existing conversion script…

Knowing it’s a Human-Readable file (xml), My first approach would be to simply rename the extension to .kicad_pcb

Kicad files are xml-like…

Second approach is to see if any of the info from a kicad_pcb could help (if copied and pasted into your file.

Third approach, see if you can copy the important stuff from the xdfz file and paste it into a kicad_pcb file…

I’d start with an empty kicad PCB…

I advice you change the extension to .txt to see if the file will open with text editor.

That’s exactly what @BlackCoffee suggested two posts before yours and what the op confirmed they had done in their follow up.
Did you read the thread? I’m only commenting as you seem to be making a habit of responding to threads with an answer which has already been provided by another user. (See also Generate a drilling plan and What is a good strategy to obtain absent footprints? as well as others.)


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