Is reuse of pcb layout possible?

I appreciate.
I wonder if it’s possiable to duplicate PCB layout for reusing. Do you have any idea about that?

I’m frequently re-using layout blocks. I delete unnecessary parts of the original design, leaving just the part to be reused, and save it to a separate kicad_pcb file.
Then when launching PCBNEW in standalone mode (not invoked from Kicad main window) I’m doing File > Append board and append this reused block to a new design.


@fred4u is the best (that I know and use) workaround.
But there is something in the roadmap

Nice to see progress here. I really like the direction KiCad is going.

Don’t hold your breath it will take quite some time

there first would need to be some infrastructure developed in the backend before one could even start to think how to implement this with regards to the user interface.
I feel a first step would be to have design block support. (A hierarchical “sheet” on the pcb side that can be duplicated by multiple instantiation of said “sheet”. And possibly even a way to create a library of such blocks)

Take a look at Save/Restore layout: action plugin

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