Is a new Database category needed?

Currently posts about databases would come under software, or perhaps in some circumstances schematics or layout. But with the new database feature in v7, there’ll be more posts related to databases with KiCad.


I second this
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In that case, give an extra image which keeps automatic count of the votes. You have already image Isn’t that what those things are for?

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To bring this topic back to the front, here are a couple of threads which would fit this category:

What do you think, @ChrisGammell ?

Interesting. Would the databases be separate from the actual footprint feature it supports?

One thing that bugs me about the forum software is sub categories aren’t intuitive in terms of being easy to find. Your call on where to put it but at least we now have enough people with the ability to move things to the proper place now.

My understanding is that it goes beyond footprints. It would be a complete substitute for the text based libraries that are used for symbols and footprints and more, as people could leverage it to connect to databases containing part information to build BOMs and other fabrication outputs. It would also allow searching beyond the text based libraries for parts. I’m sure others more acquainted with the technology are in a better position to elaborate.

The current hierarchy is kind of hard to stick “database” into.

We have Layout > Footprints and Schematic > Symbols

It might make more sense to have

Libraries > Footprints
Libraries > Symbols
Libraries > Database


Sub-categories, just as FAQ, are very easily missed, especially by forum newbees.

Seeing as Database overlaps many other categories, why not give Database its own Category. May also help to promote its existence. :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I observe of Discourse, it’s the second level category that appears under the title on the entry page, and in search results. Viewing the thread shows the full path. But I agree that Symbols and Footprints being under Libraries makes more sense than being under Schematic and Layout. Maybe 3D Models belongs under Libraries too.

So regardless of which level Database is put in, it will appear under the title. The question of reorganising the hierarchy is a separate one. Only L4 users who recategorise posts will notice a changed hierarchy. Another question is would @ChrisGammell have to do some Discourse DB work on existing threads if the hierarchy is changed.

And confusion here for forum newbees.

“All Categories” only shows primary categories.
“Categories” shows primary and secondary.
“New Topic” when opened shows primary and secondary.

First to be noticed (and probably acted upon) is the top LH boxed “All Categories”… :thinking:

Appreciate the structure suggested by @craftyjohn as the database should not only link any BOM.

Libraries > Footprints
Libraries > Symbols
Libraries > Database
Libraries > Padstacks ?
Libraries > DrillSymbols ?
Libraries > 3D ?
Libraries > Simulation ?

The database is a 3rd kind of library what Kicad urgently needs and what could not be soon enough. For the moment its supplementary but there seems many ideas on how to use it for improving the usability of the existing symbols and footprints.

One advantage of putting Database under Libraries instead of a first level Database is that inevitably some posters will use Database to post about “missing symbol” or “need footprint”. If under Libraries it might be a little less likely.

True, but then you can argue that the Database category is “hidden”.

Your comment also brings into light the role of the Level 4 “janitors :broom:”. Re-categorizing threads is part of their mission. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think for the moment the people who know what the category is about will be able to find it.

IF a new category “Libraries” is introduced, and that category included all libraries as sub-categories as @janvi suggests, yes, place Database there, otherwise make Database a major category.

This bar:

as I mentioned above, should also have an overhaul.
It is not a great experience for “new to Kicad and Kicad Forums”, but experienced with CAD, users.
People read left to right so there is a lot of clicking to find sub-categories.

In the “all categories” box place all the categories and sub-categories. Remove the “Categories”.

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Could you start a new thread for your suggested UI overhaul since it’s a good idea independently of Database?

Shouldnt we also treat the Project Templates as a kind of library to index and backup seed jobs what already exists in Kicad code for user and system location ? Who opens the new thread ?

Why not you…?