Invalid hexadecimal number in input/source - Eagle import on OSX

When opening a schematic created on OSX using an import of an Eagle schematic, I get following error:

I am opening the design on a Windows machine.
When opening the files, there are indeed hexadecimal numbers on these locations.

In order to be sure that the Eagle import was the cause: I have done a clean import (of another project), saved the files, transferred them to the windows pc opened in the KiCad over there and I get the same error.

If I perform the import on a windows machine I am not getting the error message.
The hex number does seems shorter in all sheets.

Opening the windows-imported project on a mac computer does not generate errors.
So there is probably something wrong with the eagle-import on OSX.

Has anyone else had this experience? Is there a way we can fix the OSX files?

Here is a picture of the OSX generated files:

Here is a picture of the windows generated files:

The eagle import stuff is quite new. So there might still be some unhandled things in there.

As this is a user forum you might not get a lot of help here. (Unless somebody encountered the same problem in the past and knows of a workaround)
Bugs should be reported on launchpad. More details see: I found a bug. What now?
You might even get a fast response by the eagle plugin developer as to what you could do.

In your bug report also add the kicad version information. And maybe link the bug report here for the future. (If somebody encounters the same problem they can look at the bug report.)

It looks like this could be a 32bit vs 64bit problem. (The Hex number is 8 chars long in my valid files -> 32bit. Whereas yours is 16 chars -> 64bit.)

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A bug report has been posted:

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Thanks for responding so quickly!

It should be fixed in the next nightly, thank you for the report.

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