Introducing myself (F-16 Home Cockpit)

I’ll try to post the image!

corrected image, this is the correct image!

I managed to post, thanks for allowing!
I don’t know what that red circle in the picture is!

That could be problematic if the red circle indicates an error. If these lines shouldn’t intersect there seems to be an easy way to route around it. But there isn’t enough information to know for sure.

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Hello, hermit, I only have this image, I couldn’t buy it ready, its cost is around 500 euros, I don’t have that amount!

I sent an email to the person who provided me with the image, asking about the red circle marked, I will wait for your response!

Thank you for your patience with me!
gambiarra :vulcan_salute:

I haven’t gotten a response yet!
Thank you very much for your attention, as soon as I have the answer I will post it!
Have a great week everyone!
gambiarra :vulcan_salute:

Hello @gambiarra

As you posted this:

and this:

A few questions:
What are the components that fit on the board?
Are you able to source the exact components that will fit this board?
Have you priced the components?
Does your board need peripheral devices to allow it to work?

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Hello,jmk, thanks for replying!
I’ve been building an F-16 home cockpit for 7 years, my budget is very limited, as I don’t understand much about electronics, I only know how to weld, I can’t buy one already assembled, people who have this device don’t share Gerber files.
Answering your questions, electronic components!
18 X B3F-4055
5 X B3F-1052
LED SMD GREEN, in this image it seems not to have the LEDs, but this is a priority to have them, and the so-called backlight
suitable switches and potentiometers (10kohm)
Toggle Switches 12mm
peripheral device
Pokeys 57U, please consult this site, link below!
USB CNC controller - PoKeys57U - flight simulators, automation - Polabs
I have a Pokeys 57U board !!!

The circuit is fine for use with the controller - it’s just a matter of how the device interacts with an array of buttons.
I don’t have any other information besides this picture of the circuit - just some information that was provided by a friend… and I’ll bet the drawing isn’t exactly to scale, and I don’t think this drawing shows a lighting circuit, just the buttons/switches). But a Pokeys, Arduino, Teensy, and USB power are all it takes to make the buttons/switches work.
I’m attaching some images, there’s also a YouTube link
F16 ICP V2 Backlight Control - YouTube
Capturar.PNG ICP PCB
An example of PCB I need!
Capturar.PNG ICP Backlight
Please watch the screenshots and the YouTube video, then you will understand what the ICP is all about!

I’ve been searching the internet, I send emails to people, but they don’t even answer, a friend gave me this image and talked about his KiCad program, I downloaded it and installed it on my PC, but I don’t have much knowledge of electronics, people don’t share knowledge for copyright reasons.
Please feel free to ask any questions!!
Thank you very much for any help!
Stay tuned!!

Thanks @gambiarra

I was a little concerned (by your above comments) that you were attempting to create a PC Board before first sourcing your components.

I had no idea of what an ICP was, tried google, and was presented with some very expensive measuring equipment… hence my previous post.

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The screen shot PCB you have now posted has PB switches with LEDs, pots, at least one IC and a couple of rotary? switches and maybe other stuff.
The drawing you originally posted seems to have provision only for push button switches with/without LEDs and a 13 pin connector.
Your drawing is not of much use for making a PCB similar to the screen grab photo.


KiCad-nightly V6.99 has a new feature in which a background image can be loaded into the PCB Editor as a reference for drawing the PCB:

Do note that KiCad-Nightly is the development version of Kicad and it’s not recommended for “production”. Your PCB is also quite simple, and therefore this background image is not very important.

The outline of the PCB is the most difficult part of this project.(Are all those circles holes?)
KiCad is not very good as a mechanical CAD program, and drawing such a PCB outline in KiCad itself is not easy. A better approach is to draw the outline of the PCB in a mechanical CAD program, then export as a dxf file, and then import that into KiCad.

FreeCAD is a program that can do a job like that, and it also has the “KiCad StepUp” workbench that can be used to interact with a KiCad project. FreeCAD is however not very easy to learn, and another CAD program may be easier. Did you make that drawing yourself? Where does it come from? was it made in a pixel format or in a vector format?

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@jacobw is working on something you might be interested in and may be of some help. He seems to be willing to share what he is working on so maybe there is more?

I edited the title to give some indication of the project to give it better visibility.


Hello, hermit!
Please read this page, maybe this is what you are looking for, link below!
He is for F-16 Home Cockpit!!!
Please, in the left menu, go to Right side console, PWM dimmer!

I got a Gerber from an ICP F-16 on the internet, but it is not backlit, I believe it would be easier to redo it, so that it is backlit.
How to post!

If you already got a set of Gerber files, then you can back-import these into a KiCad project and recover a lot of information from it. Then you can further modify it with your backlight option or other changes.

Start here:

I do not know how to do it!!!

Then either learn to do it yourself, or pay someone else to do it for you.
Designing a PCB in KiCad is not very difficult, but it takes quite some time to do it, and the chance that someone will put in a day or so for free just to please you is not very big.

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Thank you for your words and all the help!

I am also strugeling with kicad. I looked in to it a little and dont rely understand the connections on the picture.

How ar you connecting this panel? That would be one of the most important parts to know?

Also I dont see any back light. Do you want that?

Best regards!

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