Interacitve HTML BOM (Under linux)

Hello everyone. Have you already tried this plugin under Linux?

I have been trying to implement it according to the README file. But when I create a symlink KiCad just shuts down. How can this one be added? I put the directory in /usr/share/kicad/scripting/plugins. I have no ~/.kicad folder.

In general you shouldn’t make any manual changes under /usr/. KiCad’s personal directory is in ~/.config/kicad.

It worked fine for me. Though I am using Windows 7. Just download it from github, extract it. Open the folder and copy the folder called interactive HTML bom into your share/kicad/scripting/.
Reset your kicad, open your PCB layout editor, you will see the icon (IBOM)

I use.
I already install by two ways:

If you do not have the first folder, you can create it.

I used a long time ago, but was with some Nightly version with some issue. I don’t know if is working.

There is a big thread about this plugin here

You can create one.

You mean it crashes? Are you using the latest version of the plugin?
What linux distribution and kicad version are you using?

On linux you can use it through terminal, you will need python 2. In the README file there is a command line to use.

python2 path/to/InteractiveHtmlBom/ path/to/board.kicad_pcb

That should work. example:


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