[PCBNEW] Show filtered footprints

When I design a test jig for my boards, it would be useful to be able to filter the PCBNew to display selected footprints.
Do any of you think that it would be a good idea to show only footprints that do match a specific type? In my case, It would make my life easier if I could show/highlight all TestPoints on my board. This would help me spot these to verify if all these Fooprtints are included on my probes drill layer.
Or is there any trick available with current KiCad to get the job done?

A partial solution could be to use a custom library for some of your footprints and make some “extra graphics” for those footprints on some of the user layers.
This way you can make your footprints stand out by enabling or hiding those layers.

You can also experiment with changing footprints. If you exchange one footprint for another, there is an option to exchange all of the footprints with certain characteristics to the new footprintt.

Also, maybe you can do something with external tools such as

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Sounds like something which should be pretty easy to do with a python script.

It’s very possible that 6.0 will have a selection filtering system which could do this.

@paulvdh thanks for the hints. This “Extra graphics” idea is a nice one to make my TestPoints stand out. Should be a nice workaround.
… and big thanks for the Interactive BOM plugin! How can it be I haven’t noticed it previously!!! Seems excellent piece of work.

@eelik scripting - possibly, if only my Python skills were non-zero :smiley: If there’s something about footprint filtering coming in the V6, it would be great news.
Thanks guys for your input.

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